Empowering communities with clean, local energy

What we do?

For communities

We develop clean energy in local communities. At the same time we educate local people about solar power and help them tackle fuel poverty.
Communities benefit by:

  • Receiving an investment opportunity with a competitive return
  • Learning skills they can use in the renewables sector through internships, reskilling programmes and mentoring
  • Having energy efficiency measures installed which reduce fuel bills
  • Lowering their carbon footprint

For building owners

We have the tools and professional expertise to develop a solar energy project on a building that you own. One of our projects will allow you to:

  • Benefit from cheap clean energy
  • Meet climate change and sustainability policy objectives
  • Meet CSR goals by demonstrating sustainability leadership
  • Receiving an investment opportunity with a competitive return

For partners

Public and private sector organizations can partner with us and demonstrate social and sustainability leadership by:

  • Sponsoring a community energy project, internship programme or training day
  • Investing in our projects
  • Providing match funding for a 'Community fund'
  • Buying clean energy through a Virtual Power Purchase Agreement.

Our impact

Total installed solar capacity
Electricity generated annually
CO2 emissions avoided each year
Capital finance raised
Raised for local community to spend
Paid interns trained