Repowering is a non-profit working with local people, business and government to develop community-owned renewable energy.

The challenge

Our energy system is at a crossroads. Transformational change is needed if we are to meet the energy demands of our growing population while also achieving binding carbon reduction targets. Furthermore, with fuel poverty affecting an estimated 2.35 million households across the UK and mistrust of both government and energy
companies remaining high, the British public is calling for a shift in the way energy is supplied and governed.

Our solution

Repowering works with communities, local authorities, schools and commercial partners to enable London to shift towards low-carbon energy. We empower local people in some of the capital’s most deprived communities to take greater control of their energy generation and use – creating not only locally owned clean energy but also the social energy that allows communities to flourish. By facilitating community-owned renewable energy projects that address both environmental pressures and
local social and economic issues we are able to:

  • Reduce CO 2 emissions by generating decentralised low-carbon energy
  • Tackle fuel poverty and educate residents about energy efficiency
  • Promote local leadership through co-operative community engagement
  • Provide opportunities for local and responsible financial investment
  • Create training and employment opportunities for local people
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Partnering with site owners

Repowering works with local authorities, other public bodies and private companies to deliver community-led energy projects on their sites. In particular:

  • Our team provides the essential technical, financial, legal and administrative expertise needed to successfully deliver community-owned energy projects
  • Repowering offers a range of guidance, advisory and project management services
  • We also provide access to a network of potential investors, ensuring thenecessary financial backing for community owned renewable energy projects.

Other partnerships

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Repowering offers public and private sector organisations to the opportunity to gain recognition for corporate and social responsibility leadership. This can be done by investing in our projects, buying our energy or by sponsoring a project, internship programme or training day.
We also provide corporate volunteering opportunities in which individuals can develop their professional expertise in a range of areas – including innovative solutions for a low-carbon future, data and investor management software and business development and strategy.

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Our place in the community energy landscape

Our place in the community energy landscape
Following the launch of the UK’s first Community Energy Strategy in 2014, there has been significant growth in community energy projects, with a total 121 MW of energy generating capacity owned by communities in England and Wales. These schemes have leveraged over £190 million in project finance and a large proportion of this has been generated through community shares.

Though the Government’s removal of policy and financial support will have an impact on the sector, Repowering has demonstrated resilience in the face of these changes by investing in innovation and forging valuable partnerships to develop new business models of roof top solar, energy storage, local electricity supply, energy efficiency and alternative technologies.

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