Repowering London youth training programme

The Repowering London youth training programme is a paid, accredited scheme covering sustainable energy, social enterprise and community development.

The programme is aimed at 16-25 year olds who are lacking opportunities and who may feel alienated from greater society, disengaged with education or uncertain of the future.

The course runs for 40 hours giving participants insight and experience into the world of low carbon and the green economy through:

  • solar panel making,
  • visits to renewable technology sites,
  • discussions with industry figures,
  • community engagement and surveying,
  • social media and brand building,
  • co-operative business models and marketing.

Upon completion, interns will be awarded AQA certificates and receive careers advice, to boost employability and confidence. There is a focus on energy efficiency and environmental awareness which supplements the school syllabus by looking at climate change and ideas around energy saving in the home.

In 2018, we are running 3 schemes:

  1. February – April: Brixton Energy programme, aimed at young people living in the borough of Lambeth. Applications closed.
  2. June – July: Energy Garden programme, aimed at young people living near London Overground stations. Applications open now!
  3. October – December: Banister Solar programme, aimed at young people living in the borough of Hackney. Applications open September.

Got any questions? Get in touch with our Youth & Community Officer via email or text 07546 336 670.